Trump Supporters No Longer Called ‘Deplorables’ – Now Referred To As ‘Radical Racist Cult’

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After a new poll gave President Donald Trump a higher rating than Abraham Lincoln, MSNBC host Joy Reid said the result is due to the fact that Trump supporters are akin to members of a cult.

Last week, an Economist/You Gov poll found that  53 percent of Republicans rated Trump as a better president than Lincoln.

Lincoln’s status as one of America’s highest-rated presidents was safe among Democrats, however, with the 16th president getting 94 percent support among Democrats polled.

All of that was too much for Reid, who claimed the real problem could be blamed upon the fundamental nature of pro-Trump Republicans.

“There’s a lot of evidence that it is a racial and religious cult of personality in which his base is solidly among the white evangelicals that almost worship him and say that he’s the chosen one of God,” she said.

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Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts, who appeared on the show with Reid, said there was a very “cult-like aspect” about Trump’s popularity.

“When I say that, I’m not being rhetorical. I mean that literally, that there is a very cult-like aspect with what we’re seeing going on with Trump, particularly in the aspect of, Trump is ‘He Who Must Not Be Questioned.’ And all of his idiocies, all of his incompetence, all of his mendacities, must be explained through the framework of him being infallible,” Pitts said.

Reid then mocked Trump’s tweet of an image that showed Trump’s head on the body of movie hero Rocky Balboa, saying that in the mind of Trump’s supporters, “that’s what they see.”

Reid said that the last Republican president, George W. Bush, had a similar “vibe,” “that one must not question George W. Bush.”

“Is it just being a Republican,” she asked, that a president is “authoritarian?”

Pitts claimed that those who support Trump, like those who supported Bush, do not want to deal with complex issues.

Reid called Republicans “a white party.”

Pitts then responded by calling Republicans “a hate group,” adding that “the evidence for that mounts on a daily basis.”

Pitts said the Republicans’ effort to keep control is motivated by white Americans in fear of becoming a demographic minority.

Trump “is the promise that whatever else happens, white people who believe in this, I will protect you, I will shield you from demographic reality,” Pitts said.

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