WARNING: If You Live In A Major City, Have A Backup Plan. ANTIFA Announces Planned Terror Attack On Public Transit And Working Americans!

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One of the largest Antifa websites is calling for people to jump over turnstiles instead of paying their fares on public transportation, block trains and busses and break tapper machines.

In their post, the website It’s Going Down promoted a “Call For A Day Of Action Against Austerity, The Rising Cost Of Living, And Increasing Transit Costs.”

“On November 29, nobody pays. This is a call for a strike addressing all the ways they are squeezing us, all the ways they are making it impossible to live,” the website urged.

“There’s a call in Seattle for a fare strike on public transit. In Portland, people are rallying on November 29 in Pioneer Square; in San Francisco, people are meeting at 16th and Mission. There have been demonstrations about transit costs and enforcement in New York City for weeks already and more are scheduled this week. Chicago is in on this, too. Wherever you are, you can organize something or carry out an action with your friends,” the call for people to break the law continued.


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Seattle Antifa said in their separate call to action that “a strike is both the halting of an action as well as the application of force.”

“November 29th is a day to explore what a strike can be. Is it simply sneaking on the train? Is it blocking a Microsoft Connector bus as it rolls tech workers through the Central District? Is it standing up to security when they harass another fare dodger? Is is sabotaging those god damned tapper machines? Simply refuse to pay, refuse to comply, help others to do the same. Don’t wait, this day will be the culmination of our energy, our affinities and our friendships. The right to live is something that some people are comfortable asking for; consider this an insistence to fucking take it,” the Pugit Sound Anarchist website states.

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