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Never Trumper George Conway’s ATTACK on Congresswoman Stefanik was Disgustingly Misogynistic

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Kellyanne Conway’s husband George is a devout Never-Trumper, and that title appears to endear him to the left and protect him from what would otherwise be an onslaught of attacks from left wingers of all stripes, each one trying to out-woke the other in their condemnation of Conway.

Its not hard to imagine how long a Conservative male would get away with calling AOC, Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters “trash”? Suffice it to say that the oh-so-tolerant left would be demanding the firing, shaming and death penalty for any man who demonstrated as little class as Conway. However it would seem that hating the President means someone can be as big of a misogynistic jerk as they want – with little fear of condemnation (from the left that is) as long as they confine themselves to directing their vulgar comments toward Republican females in which case nothing that they say is considered beyond the pale

The object of Conway’s ire in this instance was the Congresswoman from New York’s 21st District Elise Stefanik, a woman who in all respects would appear to be someone deserving of admiration from both the left and right. After all Stefanik is everything that Woke Liberals claim to love, she is young, in fact Stefanik is the the YOUNGEST female every elected to Congress. She is also fearless, standing up to the likes of the left’s inquisition leader Adam Schiff and refusing to cave to the the gavel pounding ego maniac.  Remember when woman standing up to powerful men were considered to be ‘persisting’? Again, how such a thing is perceived has an awful lot to do with which side of the political isle the person doing the ‘persisting’ is standing on

Stefanik’s crime? She chose to stand-up to Schiff who made several loud, gavel pounding attempts to silence the Congresswoman from New York. His overall arrogance and particular disdain for Stefanik were readily apparent to ANYONE who watched or listened to the proceedings (provided they were able to stay awake which was admittedly at times a monumental accomplishment). She later recounted the event on social media and discussed her frustration with Adam Schiff at which point George lashed out with this tweet –


And as if that wasn’t bad enough Conway doubled down,  following up his “lying trash” tweet  with another tweet featuring a ‘fake’ photo of Stefanik apparently making an obscene gesture – which never happened.


It’s clear that George is suffering from a very severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Apparently he was at one time being considered for a plumb assignment within the Trump administration but things went South for undisclosed reasons and Conway has been far less than gracious in his treatment of the President and his administration since.

Perhaps George is upset by the fact that the President refers to him as “Mr. Kellyanne Conway”, but one would think that all things considered George would be honored with the title and act accordingly, but that would mean that George would have to show a little decorum and grace toward a Republican woman (his wife) and apparently that is apparently something that angry little George is incapable of.


By Patrick M. Arnold


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