YIKES! Prince Andrew Says He Spent So Much Time With Epstein Because He’s ‘An Honorable Man’

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In an interview airing on the BBC Saturday night, Prince Andrew says he made a mistake by continuing to hang out with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, but blamed his continued friendship on his “honor.”

“The problem was the fact that once he had been convicted I stayed with him,” the Duke of York told the BBC’s Emily Maitlis. “That’s the bit I kick myself for on a daily basis because it was not something that was becoming of a member of the Royal Family and we try and uphold the highest standards and practices and I let the side down, simple as that.”

When Maitlis asked Andrew why he would stay at Epstein’s house after charges that he had sex with underage girls, the Duke said, “It was a convenient place to stay.”

“There is … I mean I’ve gone through this in my mind so many times,” Andrew said. “At the end of the day, with a benefit of all the hindsight that one could have, it was definitely the wrong thing to do. But at the time I felt it was the honorable and right thing to do and I admit fully that my judgement was probably colored by my tendency to be too honorable, but that’s just the way it is.” – READ MORE

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