DON JR. – President Trump Reminded Americans How Powerful They Are, How Useless The Corrupt Establishment Is!

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Appearing on Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show on Fox News, Donald J. Trump Jr. explained why the establishment left (and a large part of the establishment right!) hates his father, President Donald J. Trump, so much. In short: the president, who came in as an outsider, is doing such an amazing job that the establishment just can’t tolerate him. He must be removed, if for no other reason than because he clearly proves that professional politicians are extremely overrated… and perhaps even detrimental to America’s economy.

“Listen, I think he is tackling the establishment. The establishment in this country has gotten into high levels of power. There has been no accountability, frankly, on either side for far too long. And that’s why you see… that’s why you see the nonsense with Hunter Biden, that’s why you see the stuff going on now where Adam Schiff can be judge, jury, executioner. And Donald Trump, because he is an outsider has yet to have any of the same rights that any citizen in the United States would have right now. He’s an affront to what they’ve built up.”

The ruling class, Don Jr. went on to say, has taken care of itself “for far too long. Trump came in and said, ‘I’m going to blow all that up.’ He did it.” And not only did he do just that, he “has done it with accomplishment, he has done it with record unemployment numbers, he has done it with incredible record start-up numbers for new businesses… He has done everything that incompetent politicians have not been able to do in decades. And he has done it in a record amount of time.”

“That is the scariest thing in the world for that ruling class because they’re starting to realize, and the American People are starting to realize, that they serve no actual purpose for the American People.”

Don Jr. is 100 percent correct. Not only is the establishment useless — which is something the establishment itself must have known for years — but President Trump’s achievements prove it for all to see. This is a major problem for the establishment. If they are no longer considered necessary, how are they going to hang on to power? Sure, they’re rich and powerful, but if the American people stand up and decide to get rid of them, they’re done for.

And that makes it even more necessary for Trump to win reelection next year.

Via PJMedia

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