UH OH! Schiff’s Star Witness BUTCHERS His Testimony, Puts Impeachment Push In Total Jeopardy!

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Adam Schiff’s star witness Alexander Vindman testified to the House Intel Committee that he “thought” the President was wrong in his policy with the Ukraine.  So he later told Ukrainians to ignore the President.

Alexander Vindman’s testimony was recently released and it shows an ignorant underling in the NSC who believed the President’s policy in the Ukraine was flawed and because of this Vindman notified a group of ‘Ukrainians’ to ignore the President’s requests.

The Conservative Treehouse reported on the release and highlighted some interesting pieces from the testimony.  Apparently in his opening remarks young Vindman stated that he believed the President ‘demanded’ something from the Ukrainians. Representative Ratcliff destroyed him on this assertion –

Ratcliffe challenges Vindman to find in the President’s transcript of the call where the President ‘demanded’ anything from the Ukrainian President –

Vindman could not name anywhere in the transcript where the President demanded anything and that it was all what Vindman perceived and not based on the law or others interpretations of the meeting.  Vindman had concerns about the President’s policy (who is he?) –

Congressman Ratcliffe next destroyed the witness Vindman pointing out how Vindman told Ukrainian officials (not detailed in the discussion) to ignore President Trump – a blatant crime committed by the underling –

After Rep. Swalwell jumped in to assist Vindman, Ratcliffe nailed him, calling Swalwell ‘President’, in reference to his failed Presidential run –

Then the attorney for Vindman and the rest of the Democrats freaked out in defense of the underling who told Ukrainians to ignore President Trump –

What a mess the Democrats have gotten themselves into.  If they try to sell this sham on the American people they have the same gall as Rep. Swalwell thinking he has a chance at President.  (They will fail miserably.)

Via GatewayPundit

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