Don Jr. Warns America, ‘We Are At War’ – It’s The Far-Left NWO Democrats Verses America

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After stopping by “The View” on Thursday morning, Donald Trump Jr., the president’s eldest son, joined conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and unloaded on the Left.

Asked about the constant attacks from Democrats and their allies and media, Don Jr. made clear that he sees no letting up anytime soon, telling Limbaugh, bluntly, “we’re at war.”

“We’re at war, and we’re at war for our freedoms,” Don Jr. said. “We’re at war for our culture. You know, this is the largest divide between the two political parties in the history of the country. You know, I write a lot in the book about socialism and communism, ’cause my mother escaped from it. You know, I grew up with grandparents that lived through that stuff. You know, I spent summers in what was then communist Czechoslovakia. I can tell you those bread lines that Bernie talks about are not nearly so wonderful.”

Zeroing-in on the mainstream media, Don Jr. said the “case” for impeaching his father was made 19 minutes after he was elected president.

The push for impeachment “began on November 9th when he did the unthinkable, which was to beat the establishment,” he told the iconic radio host. “The Washington Post dropped their first headline about it 19 minutes after the inauguration, ‘The Case for Impeaching Trump.’ Nineteen minutes, Rush, you know, that was about the amount of time that it took Obama to get nominated for the peace prize.” – READ MORE

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