President Trump HILARIOUSLY Trolls Nancy Pelosi While Praising Military Dog Hero

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President Trump was in a mood and trolled the hell out of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Saturday with an epic meme of her and the military K-9 Conan, who assisted special ops forces in killing ISIS leader Baghdadi.

Trump kept Congress, including leaders such as Speaker Pelosi and House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff in the dark about the special ops raid that led to the death of ISIS leader Baghdadi.

The President said that Pelosi and Schiff cannot be trusted because they would rather damage the US with leaks than give Trump and the West a victory against ISIS.

Various memes have been floating around of the hero military K-9 Conan and Pelosi and Trump retweeted one on Saturday taking a jab at the Speaker.

The meme shows a side-by-side of Conan and Pelosi — “I wasn’t briefed” the caption says under a picture of Pelosi — but Conan was!


Via GatewayPundit

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