BOOM! Rep. Dan Crenshaw Reminds Shifty Schiff Of This One House Rule, Gives GOP Full Access To Impeachment Docs!

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After weeks of getting nowhere with Schiff and Co. when it comes to being given full access to impeachment inquiry documents and transcripts from the secretive hearings and witness testimonies, dozens of House Republicans finally organized as a group this week to stop talking and start taking action.

They organized a sit-in Wednesday (complete with lunch served) in the SCIF where the witnesses have been questioned, but ultimately did not get what they wanted from Schiff.

Another Republican who took action but in a different way yesterday was Rep. Dan Crenshaw (TX), who tweeted out a video talking about the rules Schiff has made up regarding how this inquiry will be conducted. Here’s how he started out:

“Chairman Adam Schiff says that non-committee members can’t have access to all the hearings and depositions that have been happening with respect to the impeachment inquiry. Is that true?” he wondered.

Crenshaw then pointed to the House Rules and Manual for the current Congress. “Let’s check the House rules,” he stated, opening the book up to page 568 of this document.

Reading the text, Crenshaw said that “Such records shall be the property of the House and each member, meaning we can actually go look at them.”

Here’s a screen grab from the actual rule book, on page 568 (page 567 is where the rules on committee records start):

House rules manual

At that point, he noted he was going to go downstairs to where the records were kept to see if he would be given access to them.

Watch the video of him pointing out the relevant House rule, and to see what happens when he tries to get access:

He wasn’t allowed to film what was going on inside the secure committee room, but when he came out he stated they would’t let him see anything, saying they repeated the Schiff rule to him about non-committee members and records access.

But Crenshaw said he has spoken to committee members who have also sent letters requesting to see impeachment inquiry documents as well but have also been told no. “Where is the transparency?” Crenshaw asked rhetorically. “There’s none.”

The Democratic clown show continues.

Via RedState

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