With The Curtain Torn Away, CNN Staffer SHAMELESSLY Admits Their Sole Focus Is To Get Warren Elected

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On Tuesday, undercover journalist James O’Keefe’s and his group Project Veritas released secretly recorded video clips that he believes shows CNN’s political bias, particularly the outlet’s alleged favoritism toward 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren.

O’Keefe’s video feature former CNN satellite uplink technician Cary Poarch, who wore a hidden camera “to expose the bias” at the cable news outlet.

Poarch used his camera to capture a discussion with CNN Media Coordinator Christian Sierra.

“I think they like Warren a lot,” said Sierra. “They’re pro-Warren for now.”

Also on the video is CNN’s senior justice correspondent, Evan Perez, saying that Joe Biden “has a problem, because his son was trading in his name.” – READ MORE

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