Kamala Harris Spearheads Giuliani Witch Hunt…He’s ‘Broken Many Laws’, Which Ones? ‘I Don’t Know…’

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Politics, like high school, is frequently subject to fads.

One of the most prominent as of late, it seems, is to make gigantic claims with no ability — or even attempt — to back them up.

And in a Friday interview on CNN, Kamala Harris was one of the cool kids.

Speaking to Anderson Cooper, the California senator asserted Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has “broken many laws.”

Okay — big, bold statement. You’ve got your work cut out for ya, K.

Go ahead and list ’em…




On Anderson 360, she was asked about reports indicating Rudy’s the subject of federal investigation over his Ukraine business dealings following the arrest of two men with whom he’s purportedly connected.


“[Rudy] has clearly broken many laws.”


“What are the specific laws you believe Giuliani has broken or may have broken?”

Ready for this?

Here ya go:

“Well, I, I, I don’t know. We’re going to find out.”


After a pause, she provided a statement of conjecture that included the words “think,” “perhaps,” “may,” and “wonder.”

And in case you’re wondering, Kamala’s entirely correct — in politics, “We’re going to find out” is a perfectly acceptable answer to, “What are you talking about?”

Though, “what she’s talking about” may soon dip a smidge in the area of supreme importance — as per RealClearPolitics, she’s averaging a 5.4% support.

But she’s trying to make more noise, recently by calling for Twitter to ban President Trump.

Nicely done — that’s a cool-kids kind of thing, too.

If you can’t win, at least you can lose in style.

Via RedState

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