Forget The Polls, The American People Are CLEARLY SPEAKING – Massive Line Of Trump Supporters Forms TWO DAYS Before Trump Dallas Rally!

President Trump will be in Dallas Thursday evening for a mega rally at the American Airlines Center.

The Dallas arena will hold 20,000 Trump supporters and thousands more will be outside.

This is President Trump’s 6th trip to Texas this year.

The media continues to push the lie that over 50% of Americans want Trump removed from office, but in reality, Trump’s approval rating is hovering around 50% despite the sham impeachment inquiry.

Some Trump supporters were lined up two days in advance to attend the Dallas rally!

“MAGA for miles!”

Trump supporters were lined up for several blocks Thursday morning.


This picture was taken 3 blocks away from American Airline Center in Dallas. People were lined up for TWO DAYS in some cases!

Trump’s rally in Dallas begins at 8 PM CT.

Via GatewayPundit

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