SHOCKING: Decorated CIA Officer Suggests Adam Schiff’s Actions Indicate ‘Whistleblowers’ May NOT EVEN EXIST!

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I recently raised the possibility with Kevin Shipp, a decocrated CIA Officer turned whistleblower, about intrigue that Congressman Adam Schiff’s alleged anti-Trump Ukraine whistleblowers may not even exist.

The conversation was before Schiff said Tuesday that his star witnesses – who nobody has seen — would not testify to Congress. And would not testify anywhere.

Shipp, now retired from the Agency, on his weekly Intel show on CrowdSource the Truth had an interesting take on Adam Schiff and what appears to be a Deep-State play.

Here is the exchange:

PAINE: “Thinking outside the box here Kevin, who says these guys even exist?”

SHIPP: “That’s a very good point. Why aren’t their identities being made known?”

PAINE: “If we sat down in a bar and and had some drinks and said you know what we could do? We could set up an OP, like a reverse Op, little psychology, little misdirection, throw in a little Cold War and pretend like these guys’ lives are in danger but they don’t even exist. We feed the public information and create a big Op.”

SHIPP: “That’s a great point. We know they are fake (whistleblowers). I can tell you right now they are false. But why did the attorneys (representing the alleged whistleblowers)  take a false case? Why did they take a case where the accusations are baseless and there is no evidence to back them up whatsoever? Why did they take a case where they would not let these person’s identities to come out? This is a false case, there is no doubt about it.

“You make a great point. Maybe they don’t even exist.”

Via TruePundit

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