CONFIRMED: Ukraine Promises Trump They Will Investigate Biden Corruption Links

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Ukraine has just announced that its top prosecutor has been instructed to review the closed Burisma probe that Joe and Hunter Biden are linked, among others:

FOX NEWS – Ukraine’s top prosecutor said Friday that his office is “conducting an audit” of cases that have been previously investigated and closed, including the probe involving the energy giant Burisma, where Hunter Biden had served on the board.

Ruslan Ryaboshapka, the country’s prosecutor general, said at a news conference that his office was instructed to review cases that have been closed, fragmented or investigated to make sure they were fairly and thoroughly handled. He said no one attempted to influence him to make the call.

“We are now reviewing all the cases which were closed, fragmented or investigated earlier in order to make a decision on cases where illegal procedural decisions were taken,” he said.

The office plans to review 15 cases that previously were closed, including the Burisma case. This does not yet mean Ukraine is opening a new investigation involving Burisma or the Bidens.

I’m glad to see Ukraine’s top prosecutor is going ahead with a review of the probe, despite all the politics involved. I was worried that it had become such a hot political football that they weren’t going to touch it.

Ryaboshapka he made clear that “no one attempted to influence him to make the call.”

I wonder if Joe Biden is getting a little nervous about now…


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