US Army Makes MAJOR MOVE Against Russia As Tensions And Political Theater Escalate

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Now that the left’s story of illegal Ukrainian phone calls is taking on water faster than they can bail it out, they’re beginning to turn back to the tried-and-true Russian collusion narrative.

Unfortunately for them, this comes right as the U.S. military is deploying tanks just a few hours’ ride from the Russian border.

The deployment is part of the U.S. Army Europe’s Atlantic Resolve campaign, an operation intended to reinforce America’s commitment to our NATO allies, especially when it comes to countering Russian aggression.

Not exactly the commitment you’d expect from “Putin’s puppet,” right?

The force, which consists of hundreds of soldiers, 30 Abrams tanks and 25 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, according to Stripes and Stripes, will be deployed near the small Lithuanian town of Pabrade.

Pabrade is only a few hours’ ride from the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, an extremely important strategic port, military center and economic region. (Pabrade is also just several hours away from the Russian mainland.)

Kaliningrad sits at the crown of Eastern Europe, and would likely be an early focus in any conventional war with Russia.

Despite the aggressive and unapologetic American deployment, however, the left continues to imply that President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are partners in a nefarious union.

The Daily Beast published an article Saturday linking the Trump-Ukraine “scandal” to Russia in a seemingly desperate attempt to keep the collusion delusion alive long enough to make an impact on the 2020 elections.

And it’s not just openly left-leaning publications reverting back to the Russia narrative, either.

The Washington Post, citing “three former officials with knowledge of the matter,” attempted to resurrect the Russian collusion story Friday with a claim that Trump told Russian officials way back in 2017 that he wasn’t worried about election interference.

For someone apparently so deep in bed with the Russians, Trump is going out of his way to maintain a presence in Baltic countries that are undeniably on Putin’s radar.

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia were absorbed by the Soviet Union during the chaos of World War II, and didn’t gain their independence until 1991.

These coastal Baltic countries not only offer Russia the ports it so desperately needs, but are also a prime location for ICBM-detecting radar. The Soviets knew this, and used the countries for radar installations and naval bases.

Along with the prime military real estate, these countries also offer Russia a buffer zone between itself and pro-U.S. states like Poland.

It would seem that if Trump is indeed a puppet of Putin, he would have pulled troops from these countries, allowing Russian soldiers to goose-step their way right to the Polish border.

Instead, we’re seeing a continued commitment of our defense treaties with these small nations, backed up by well-trained soldiers and American steel.

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