BUSTED! Greta Thunberg ‘Boat Trip’ Publicity Stunt Proven a Complete SHAM!

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It was all a complete sham, a massive publicity stunt and the trip will generate MORE emissions than it saves.

Climate crusader Greta Thunberg’s “principled” trip across the Atlantic in a carbon fibre and non recyclable plastic boat is going to require at least four crew members to fly across the Atlantic.

From DailyMail:

Greta Thunberg’s trans-Atlantic voyage on a ‘zero-carbon yacht’ has been rocked by revelations that crew will fly to New York in a gas-guzzling plane to bring the boat back to Europe.

It is claimed that this would generate more emissions than the yacht saves and threatens to leave the 16-year-old’s plans to chart an environmentally friendly route to the United States in tatters.

On Wednesday, the Swedish eco-campaigner left Plymouth on the Malizia II for a two-week journey to the United Nations headquarters where she will address a climate change meeting.

But last night, it was confirmed that two crew will have to fly to the US east coast city to man the 60ft yacht on its return.

Not to mention the fact that, given that her boat sailed home without her, she will either have to either have to swim back home across the Atlantic or, gasp, fly.

Again, DailyMail reports:

What is not yet clear is how the 16-year-old will get back to Sweden, because she refuses to travel on fuel-guzzling planes and the 60ft racing boat she travelled on is already back in Europe.

Two crew members have flown to the U.S. to sail the Malizia II back across the Atlantic and it is not yet clear exactly when Thunberg will be going home.

When she set off from Britain last month she admitted: ‘I don’t know yet how I will get home’.

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