HILARIOUS And Fitting…California Will Rename Stretch Of Road Surrounded By ‘Putrid Waste’ In Barack Obama’s Honor!

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While I have been highly critical of recent efforts to rename schools and highways after Barack Obama, finally there is one I can get behind.

Last week in the state of California, the Milpitas City Council voted 3-2 to rename Dixon Landing Road to Barack Obama Boulevard. As much I think the “Put-Obama’s-Name-On-Things” movement is inappropriate because of his terrible record, this latest effort actually is very fitting. Why? Because the road in question leads to the Newby Island Landfill, a recycling and composting plant notorious for causing a “putrid stench” in the area. For decades residents driving on that stretch of road have complained about the odors—similar to the way patriots complained about poor economic growth, endless scandals, deteriorating race relations, and disastrous foreign policy during the Obama years.

The symbolism isn’t lost on Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran, who opposed renaming the road for Obama. “Hundreds of thousands of drivers that take Interstate 880 south will pass Dixon Landing and hundreds of thousands of people are aware that this is a place with an awful odor,” said Tran. “It is going to be one of the biggest embarrassments in the nation to rename this freeway exit Barack Obama Boulevard. Republicans will have a field day.” Tran notes that Newby Island Landfill is the largest garbage dump in the Bay Area. “It takes in a majority of the foul, obnoxious garbage from all over the Bay Area and as far as the Central Valley. I believe there is at least tens of millions of waste that goes to Newby Island on an annual basis.” Perfect!

The name change isn’t happening just yet. The city council will be assessing the next steps and the expense of the name change over the next few weeks.

Via PJMedia

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