NRA Gives Beto O’Rourke A Special Gift To Insure He’s A LAUGHINGSTOCK Long After 2020!

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The National Rifle Association crowned Beto O’Rourke the “AR-15 salesman of the month” last week amid the Democratic presidential contender’s anti-Second Amendment crusade.

The group even suggested that O’Rourke’s anti-gun rhetoric could propel him to salesman of the year.

Since the El Paso tragedy last month, gun control has been O’Rourke’s chief campaign issue.

The former Texas congressman has used the spotlight to advocate strict gun control, including mandatory confiscation of all AR-15 rifles and other similar semi-automatic firearms. Last week, O’Rourke confirmed there would be legal consequences for people who do not turn over their firearms if he were president. – READ MORE

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