Beto’s Gun Grabbing Agenda Would Have Left This Home Owner Defenseless And Likely Dead At The Hands Of Thieves WITH GUNS

Early Monday morning in the Pine Forest neighborhood of Conyers, Georgia, neighbors heard gunshots ring out.

Authorities say a homeowner shot and killed three masked teenagers who approached the home and attempted to rob the residents, according to WSB-TV in Atlanta.

During the attempted robbery, one of the teens produced a gun and fired shots at the home’s residents, investigators said.

But instead of allowing himself and the other residents to be victimized, the homeowner produced his own weapon and returned fire.

Neighbor Brian Jenkins told the Rockdale Citizen he heard “some light shooting” followed by “loud shooting.”

Jenkins said he “hit the floor” and scrambled to check on his wife.

Finding her unharmed, he then heard someone screaming, “Help me, help me, I’m dying. I’m dying. Help me. Help.”

The three would-be robbers lay on the lawn, all suffering gunshot wounds.

One of the three died at the scene, and the other two died later at a hospital, WSB reported.

According to the report, two of those killed were age 16 and the other was 15. The Citizen reported two of them were brothers.

Jenkins said he knows the homeowner who shot the teenagers.

“He is a truck driver and his mother lives down there by herself,” he told the Citizen. “They’re beautiful people. They mind their own business, but they’ll do anything for anyone in the community. That’s just the way they are.”

Another witness, Carlos Watson, said he heard shots from a pistol and then “a slew of shots” from what he described as an “assault rifle,” according to WSB.

While it’s not clear why he used that term, his description of the shooting matches that of Jenkins, implying that the robbers were fatally outgunned.

Georgia has a “stand your ground” law on defensive shootings, allowing the use of deadly force without the need to retreat first if the person applying the force reasonably believes it is necessary to prevent death or great bodily injury or prevent a forcible felony.

The homeowner who shot the young men has not been charged.

As Democrats pound away harder and harder on gun control, one can’t help but ask what might have happened if they got their way. In this case, it’s likely the residents would be dead and the killer and his buddies on the loose.

Gun control costs innocent lives.

Via WesternJournal

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  2. Apps shake up the world of dating

    He asked that his owner’s name not be used.

    for today, Leland said he plans to stop using the app and go back to the dated way of meeting women, because of the fact “I do not want to be known as that Tinder guy,

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    from apps like Tinder, Prospective daters can see pictures of people who find themselves nearby. If they see someone that like, They can swipe right to indicate interest. People who both swipe right on each other’s profiles can then contact each other.

    around three percent of Americans have used mobile dating apps, While nine percent have tried traditional uniform dating websites, good Pew Research Center.

    “One of the things women told me is they want to know where the single guys are, Said christopher Klotz, Founder and leader of the Canadian based firm.

    When SinglesAroundMe created in 2010 “It seemed spooky women” to run geolocation, But attitudes have evolved, moldova dating Klotz alleged.

    To ease home protection concerns, SinglesAroundMe developed technology which can mask or shift the spot of users.

    an additional mobile app called Skout, Which was released in 2007, Calls it’s poker room the “leading global, Mobile networking for meeting new people” With eight million members anywhere int he planet, And says it triggerred over 350 million connections in 2013 alone.

    spokeswoman Jordan Barnes said Skout “isn’t a dating app” Because it helps facilitate qualified relations and friendships as well as romantic encounters.

    Barnes said Skout began as a website and shifted to mobile as pda use increased, And allowed people for connecting based on location.

    The app seems to have a “personal travel” Feature which enables users to find friends in a city they plan to move.

    “We think most people do not necessarily want to meet someone where they just happen to be, acknowledged Arjumand Bonhomme, Head of industrial for Hinge.

    By drawing from a user’s tagged friends, would like, solutions and places, Hinge aims introducing people who already share connections, Often friends in accordance.

  3. Why online dating sites is Fun

    In a time when computers and the Internet are mainstays in an average person life, it is no wonder that online dating is also already a very common occurrence. Why is it so preferred among singles today, And computerized devices a favorite activity for youth, As well as the elderly, appropriate now? Will it give one enough information to consider a serious relationship in the end?

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    These are just among the reasons why online dating is fun for most people. You will see that it does warrant enough attention in case you are currently on the look out for the next Mr. or alternatively Ms. right.

  4. toil powerbroker

    Victorian Labor powerbroker David Asmar has avoided being inquired at the unions royal commission after flying to Lebanon.

    mister Asmar, The husband of Victorian Health Services Union secretary Diana Asmar, Left Australia on sept 18 after being served with a summons at Melbourne Airport, The trade unions royal cost has heard.

    Counsel assisting the returns, Jeremy Stoljar south carolina, Said Mr Asmar had been summoned to appear at the transaction fee on October 21, Then his date was rescheduled to sunday, But Mr Asmar is still in Lebanon and has provided a medical record explaining why he can’t attend.

    earlier on Thursday, Former National Union of Workers boss Derrick Belan was temporarily excused from appearing before the trade unions royal commission after being moldova women for marriage summoned from a psychiatric hospital.

    Mr Belan was escorted to the commission from a private psychological hospital in Sydney’s northern beaches on Thursday morning, With doctors ordering that he not be permitted to travel alone.

    Wearing sun shades and a black hoodie, Mr Belan was seen leaving the realtor fee building after a private hearing, With commissioner Dyson Heydon saying he would now be visible on November 10.

    preceding, Mr Belan’s my brother, nick Belan, Who is an organiser using NUW, Was quizzed in the royal fees about flights, Jewellery and lunches paid for on his union issued mastercard.

    A day after Derrick Belan’s niece, Danielle O’Brien, Wept in the dock as she admitted to lavish personal investing using union funds, Nick Belan told the commission he couldn’t say why his teenage daughter was booked on a $255 Jetstar flight to the Gold Coast in 2010 using his corporate cc.

    Nick Belan also did not explain the $1885 spent at a Good Guys outlet in April this year.

    The commission heard lunches at prestige Sydney n eaterie Machiavelli were put on the union’s tab, As were gifts of flowers, necklaces and a hotel stay.

    The commission is researching financial governance of the NSW NUW, which has been headed by Derrick Belan for 14 years.

    Union plastic cards in Derrick Belan’s name were used to buy Tiffany jewellery, Online dating services, A body art, our annual vacations and $12,000 in iTunes buying, The pay has heard.

  5. Is Ben to be a bad boy

    We now know that Ben Mitchell’s been secretly emailing ol’ romantic Heather Trott under the guise of ‘Kevin68’ through an online dating sites website. only when poor Hev knew!

    In some of his past emails, Ben’s used Hev’s fave lust lyric lotharioGeorge Michael’s song titles hidden in his chats. the bad Boy(s). How unbelievably dare he.

    provide feedback number 1. found on 17:38 26th apr 2011, Melanie showed: Yay i am the first to comment! i’ve never been first! Yes ben is being a bad boy and i think he should end the relationship with kevin68 and heather 67!

    Complain about this comment (idea number 1)

    provide feedback number 2. found on 13:31 27th april 2011, Yasaman authored: I think that ben must online dating moldova leave the whole character is annoying!

    Complain regarding this comment (statement number 3)

    annotate number 4. over at 20:09 27th annual percentage rates 2011, Gemma has written: I think that Ben should just end every thing has become between Heather and Kevin68 and then Heather will never know that she has been tricked by Ben. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Complain in regards to this comment (comment or short number 4)

    short review number 5. at the 10:46 28th apr interest rates 2011, Ashlii gave them: I dont are thinking ben means any harm. I think he is only looking for item been though as much bullying as himself. for example. pascal

    Complain during this comment (statement number 5)

    thoughts number 6. upon 19:01 28th april 2011, Melanie published: Ben should just end the relationship,

    Complain during this comment (remark number 6)

    say number 7. at the 00:01 3rd might possibly 2011, EEfan2011x said: I really hope that Heather finds out that its really ben and that he’s being bullied because she will tell shirley and she’ll go and help and maybe phil too.

    Even though Ben should never have started romantic relationship, He could really hurt Heather albeit he never meant to.

    Complain with this comment (say number 7)

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