Beto’s Gun Grabbing Agenda Would Have Left This Home Owner Defenseless And Likely Dead At The Hands Of Thieves WITH GUNS

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Early Monday morning in the Pine Forest neighborhood of Conyers, Georgia, neighbors heard gunshots ring out.

Authorities say a homeowner shot and killed three masked teenagers who approached the home and attempted to rob the residents, according to WSB-TV in Atlanta.

During the attempted robbery, one of the teens produced a gun and fired shots at the home’s residents, investigators said.

But instead of allowing himself and the other residents to be victimized, the homeowner produced his own weapon and returned fire.

Neighbor Brian Jenkins told the Rockdale Citizen he heard “some light shooting” followed by “loud shooting.”

Jenkins said he “hit the floor” and scrambled to check on his wife.

Finding her unharmed, he then heard someone screaming, “Help me, help me, I’m dying. I’m dying. Help me. Help.”

The three would-be robbers lay on the lawn, all suffering gunshot wounds.

One of the three died at the scene, and the other two died later at a hospital, WSB reported.

According to the report, two of those killed were age 16 and the other was 15. The Citizen reported two of them were brothers.

Jenkins said he knows the homeowner who shot the teenagers.

“He is a truck driver and his mother lives down there by herself,” he told the Citizen. “They’re beautiful people. They mind their own business, but they’ll do anything for anyone in the community. That’s just the way they are.”

Another witness, Carlos Watson, said he heard shots from a pistol and then “a slew of shots” from what he described as an “assault rifle,” according to WSB.

While it’s not clear why he used that term, his description of the shooting matches that of Jenkins, implying that the robbers were fatally outgunned.

Georgia has a “stand your ground” law on defensive shootings, allowing the use of deadly force without the need to retreat first if the person applying the force reasonably believes it is necessary to prevent death or great bodily injury or prevent a forcible felony.

The homeowner who shot the young men has not been charged.

As Democrats pound away harder and harder on gun control, one can’t help but ask what might have happened if they got their way. In this case, it’s likely the residents would be dead and the killer and his buddies on the loose.

Gun control costs innocent lives.

Via WesternJournal

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