DESPERATE: 2020 Dem. Candidates BEG Media To Stop Fact Checking Them During Debates

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It’s always funny to hear Democrats talk about media bias.

They should all try walking in Trump’s shoes for a couple of days and see how well they hold up.

The latest ridiculous complaint from the Democrats running in 2020 is that they’re being fact checked. Oh, boo-hoo.

Politico reports:

Democrats decry double standard in fact checking

On Friday, The Washington Post’s Fact Checker column awarded three Pinocchios to President Donald Trump’s boast that he’s already built large sections of a border wall, which the paper called “the false claim Trump most often repeats.” The Post counted nearly 200 instances of Trump making it.

The Fact Checker also recently gave three Pinocchios to Democrat Bernie Sanders for saying that “500,000 Americans will go bankrupt this year from medical bills” – when the study on which the claim was based only cited medical costs as a contributing factor in 500,000 bankruptcies a year, and other studies had a somewhat lower figure.

A false equivalence? Sanders’ team seems to think so – and they’re not alone among Democratic presidential campaigns fuming over fact checkers who appear to give their esoteric policy disputes and faulty recollections the same weight as Trump’s daily whoppers and spreading of self-serving myths like that of millions of fraudulent voters…

The issue popped up again last week when Sen. Kamala Harris said during a CNN climate town hall that she once sued Exxon Mobil. A fact-checker at the network rightly pointed out that she only investigated Exxon, while suing other oil companies. Harris’s campaign responded not by challenging the point of fact, but fact-checking itself in the Trump era.

People are talking about this on Twitter:

The Democrats can’t even see their own blatant double standards.

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