NEVER FORGET 9/11 – Never Let It Fade

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18 years have passed since the horrific events of 9/11. It is a difficult memory to get through as every American was touched by that day. Far too many of us experienced loss. All of us experienced fear, alarm, panic, anger, grief…Do you remember?

I find it difficult to ever forget that day when 411 first responders gave the ultimate sacrifice, rising to the call to run into certain death as evil sought to tear our country apart…Do you remember?

9/11 is a day, but the event has had a long-lasting effect, and the suffering of innocent Americans continues to this day. Over 3,000 lives were lost. Civilians, family members, business professionals. Mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives. Daughters and sons. Cousins and friends. It could have been you or me…Do you remember?

It is imperative that we remember. The 411 first responders remembered their duty. Those who survived and suffered loss and illness remembered their duty and the brothers and sisters they lost. The friends and family of the civilian lives taken by evil remember the pain and agony of that day…Do you remember?

From the ashes of that horrible event, something remarkable emerged from the heart of every American that witnessed it. It was unity. Every American joined hands and stood united in the face of evil. We declared with one voice that evil did not win, that our pride as a Nation remained untarnished, that we would HONOR and REMEMBER those who challenged evil head-on. Do you remember?

Lately, it seems that memory is fading. Instead of remembering we have chosen to divide ourselves over selfish ambition, political ideologies, religious differences, and unwillingness to grow. Instead of remembering we have chosen to worry about posts and pins and #’s, instead of reciting the names and remembering the faces of those who DID NOT DIE IN VAIN. If we continue to make ourselves enemies because we disagree, then evil won. If we choose to REMEMBER that we CAN UNITE, that we can STAND PROUD as ONE NATION, then we honor the lives of those we remember. Will you remember?

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