WaPo Just Ticked Off President Trump, Now He’s Planning To BAN Two ‘Nasty Lightweight Reporters’

President Trump got another bee in his bonnet this morning and threatened to ban two reporters from the Washington Post.

He linked to a Washington Examiner op-ed from Steph Grisham, his spokeswoman, that detailed his complaints.

The truth is, Trump racked up many well-documented victories that directly benefited the American people at home and abroad. When the Post asked, the White House proudly provided it with a detailed list of the administration’s 26 most important successes of the summer. Of those 26 accomplishments, the Post chose to publish just four, which it buried under 11 paragraphs of editorialized critique.

Media bias comes in two forms. It plays a role in deciding what news is, and is not, covered, and also in deciding how that news is covered. In this instance, the Post’s “reporters” are guilty of both. It is obvious they had their own predetermined, prewritten narrative, and they simply discarded information that could have challenged that. This is not only a disservice to readers, but it’s also an offensive, egregious affront to true news journalism.

Here’s what they’re talking about:

The Tapman also defended his compatriots:

And WaPo is standing behind them:

At least they’re not screeching about how Trump threatening to ban reporters is the end of civilization. I think sometimes they exaggerate the threat [especially given Obama’s ACTIONS against them], and often the criticism is well-deserved…


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