Progressivism Once Again Lowers The Bar, Denver Hosts Bridal Show With Only TRANSGENDER Models…

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Saturday’s bridal show in Denver will have something different — all of the models will be transgender individuals.

The fashion show doubles as a fundraiser for three non-profits and was developed by a hairstylist known as Ms. Hana, who also operates one of the non-profits that will receive money from the event, KCNC-TV reported.

State Rep. Brianna Titone, who is Colorado’s first transgender lawmaker, is participating. Titone, a Democrat, was elected to office last year.

“This is something very exciting for me. It’s kind of a dream come true,” Titone said.

After Titone’s election,  the legislator-elect was asked about hot-button transgender issues, and said, “I don’t want to be polarizing or a one-trick pony,” the Colorado Springs Gazette reported.

Titone said the transgender models are drawn from all walks of various professional sectors.

“To show that we’re just part of the community like everyone else and we want to be seen and respected for that,” Titone said.

Ms. Hana, whose non-profit Hana’s Hope provides free wigs for cancer patients, said that the transgender community helped her when she herself was diagnosed with cancer.

“The medical bills were astronomical. My transgender friends came to my aid,” she said, adding that the fashion show was a way to help repay that.

“I want the transgender community to have a voice. I want them to have something that’s elegant, that will create appreciation,” she said.

“They’re really putting themselves out there. There’s a lot of scrutiny out there, a lot of hot topics going on with regards to the transgender community. It’s a very difficult topic for a lot of people to handle. For me, not so.”

The event has enlisted professional models to help the event’s volunteers learn how to walk for the show. The gowns are being provided by local designers.

The event’s Facebook page features a photo of volunteer model Ilene Mondel, who in the post with the photo said, “First Fitting of my WhXYte Wedding dress. It is a privilege to have such a magnificent garment made for Me, and to wear it to support Transgender rights (and Hanas Hope).”

The event’s planner, Heather Dyamond, said that participants are being empowered by the event.

“It’s just opening a door that hasn’t been opened before and we’re walking through it. I’m just so glad to see that we’re finally getting to this point that we can show all these women for who they really are and the whole community for what we really are,” she said.

An explanation for the event’s title was supplied by the Facebook page Planetransgender.

“A ‘white wedding’ is a hetero cis normative affair where ‘white’ is celebrated as a monied privilege. ‘Whxyte Wedding’ is possibly a double entendre substituting chromosomal XY for the I, hence this fundraiser being introduced as the ‘most unconventional bridal fashion show ever,’” the post read.

The event will take place at the History Colorado Center.

Via WesternJournal

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