Trump Weighs In On The Comey Report, But One Comment Is Especially Surprising

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Trump just weighed in on AG Barr refusing to prosecute James Comey, and his comments may actually surprise you:

When I first started reading this tweet, I really thought Trump was going after AG Barr like he used to go after Jeff Sessions. I was about ready to cringe until he said that Barr was “fair and reasonable”.Yeah that threw me for a loop, especially considering that Trump went on to point out that other ‘experts’ would have prosecuted Comey.

So it seems he is disagreeing with Barr but doing it in a very nice and respectful way. That just shows how much Trump really likes the job AG Barr is doing.

In related news, Trump has also made clear this morning just how much he doesn’t like Comey, calling him a “dishonest fool”:


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