DISTURBING: Crowd Intentionally Interferes To Prevent Cops From Making Arrest

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As the New York City Police Department deals with harassment on the streets and a mayor who, by all appearances, doesn’t support the work they do, a new video reveals just how difficult a single arrest can be under these conditions.

The video, originally posted to Twitter Monday morning and quickly spread across the platform by New York state Assemblyman Mike Reilly — a former NYPD lieutenant — shows four NYPD officers struggling to put a single suspect into a police vehicle.

While the suspect fights back against the cops, a crowd that had gathered around the scene taunts the officers.

WARNING: The following video contains profane language that some viewers may find offensive. Viewer discretion is advised. 

According to the description on the original video, the man who NYPD officers were fighting to put in the car was a robbery suspect. Reilly plainly stated that this video shows “the reality on the street.”

By all appearances, the police officers in the two-minute video were going above and beyond to be as gentle as possible to someone so aggressively resisting arrest.

There was no pepper spray, no grappling and no Taser use, despite the fact that the officers weren’t able to control their suspect.

Regardless of how gentle the NYPD copswere, the crowd watching the arrest wasn’t happy.

Demands for an ambulance and other concessions were shouted at the police, who then turned to engage the crowd. The result of that can be seen near the end of the video.

As the crowd grows louder, several people inch closer to the officers. To control the crowd, an officer breaks away from the suspect to stop encroaching protesters.

With less bodies on the suspect, the two officers attempting to control him have an even harder time as their fellow cops try to control the crowd.

Essentially, what could have been a simple arrest turned into a potentially dangerous situation.

This shocking video comes as the NYPD struggles with fulfilling their duty as law enforcement officers while battling leadership that seems intent on their failure.

After the recent firing of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo over his use of a banned chokehold that resulted in the 2014 death of Eric Garner, NYC Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch took direct aim at leadership in the city and the NYPD.

Lynch called for a union vote of no confidence in Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill, saying “leadership has abandoned ship and left our police officers on the street alone, without backing, according to the New York Post.

De Blasio’s struggling presidential campaign has been overshadowed by his rocky relationship with the NYPD. Thanks to his sluggish and tepid response to viral incidents of abuse against his own officers, the mayor has quickly attracted the anger of many key figures in New York City.

The loss of confidence in de Blasio and NYPD leadership sparked a #JobisDead campaign within the department, with the Police Benevolent Association warning officers that they should expect no support from their own leadership.

Other posts by the group encouraged “extreme caution” for all officers on patrol.

If this is the new reality de Blasio’s leadership brought to New York City, his Oval Office ambitions now appear downright disastrous.

Without the support of leadership, NYPD officers will likely find themselves in increasingly bad situations.

Bystanders will continue throwing water, food and other objects. Under this new paradigm, we might also see a rise in protesters interfering with arrests.

Despite this hostility from residents and their own leadership, NYPD officers still selflessly serve their communities. Thankfully, it looks like they’ll continue to do so.

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