Trump Has A MASTER PLAN To Take Down Biased Journalists And It Has Them Soiling Themselves!

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So according to a new report, the Trump administration is now stockpiling old stories in the mainstream media and digging up old tweets from reporters they think are unfair to them. And journalists are angry about it.

They’re freaking out:

“I am sure there will be more scalps,” said a person familiar with the operation targeting media outlets critical of TRUMP.

Another claimed the operation had unearthed “fireable” information on “several hundred” people who work at targeted media outlets.

LOL! The “WAR” is so bad, that Trump STILL hasn’t been nearly as bad as Obama, but for some reason, the beaten wife media loves the punches from the Democrat and complains when the orange guy tweets at them. I wonder what that reason could beeee….

At least the hypocrisy is entertaining – here’s a statement from the New York Times:

They’re completely clueless.

The press isn’t functioning as an honest player, we can see on a daily basis how biased they act. So I’m OK with this. There’s no Republican that can have any success without going after the implicit bias in the media.


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