While Trump Shrugs Off A Brief Stock Market Drop With Humor, Pelosi Decided To Make Every American CRINGE

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This post is a twofer.

First, Trump took to Twitter a few minutes ago to make a joke about the stock market drop today that resulted from his tweets about China:

Actually, that’s kinda funny. A little levity never hurt anything, but I’m sure there’s plenty of leftists saying ‘NOT FUNNY DONNY!!!’.

By the way, the Dow is -622 at the time of this post…

And while we’re on the subject, Adam Baldwin has a little different take on Trump’s ‘orders’ earlier today:

In other news, Pelosi said something cringeworthy again today:

It’s amazing how she can say this with a straight face. She only fights for kids that are OUTSIDE the womb. The ones in the womb…well let’s just say it’s a Pelosi-sanctioned horror show for many of them. Ugh.


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