WATCH: Surveillance Captures Trump’s New Wall Working PERFECTLY!

Two illegal immigrants were caught trying and failing to climb a new section of border wall in San Diego. Surveillance video footage shows the pair attempting to scale the wall before getting captured by Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents after their unsuccessful efforts.

U.S. CBP says they caught the two men trying to illegally cross over into San Diego from Mexico.

The incident is being marked as proof of concept that a wall along the United States Southern Border, an idea pushed by President Donald Trump, will work to prevent illegal immigration.

The illegals’ epic fail was caught on video that was uploaded to Twitter by the San Diego CBP.

The two men can be seen trying to flee back into Mexico after failing to scale the wall but are forced to hide when border agents arrive on the scene to pick them up.

Officials said the newly installed primary border barrier thwarted the men’s attempts to enter the U.S. and gave agents time to respond to take them into custody.


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