Trump Pulled Off His FUNNIEST Roast Of Tlaib And The Congresswomen Of The Apocalypse!

President Trump went for the jugular after Rashida Tlaib appeared to show her cards when Israel told her they were lifting their ban on moronic congresswomen.

I mean. He’s not wrong.

Yeah, that’s basically what happened. And it shows that Tlaib is willing to politicize even a visit to her elderly grandmother just for the sake of bashing Israel.

Even if you grant her complaint that Israel is trying to keep her from using her free speech while visiting her grandmother, so what? Make your visit, head home, THEN criticize Israel freely. NOPE. She HAS to be able to smear Israel or she’ll take her ball and head home. Kinda pathetic really.

And Trump called her out on it nicely. Then he added this:



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