GOOD SPORT! Trump Calls And Apologizes After Mocking Someone He Mistook For A Heckler, And The Supporter Loves Him MORE!

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President Donald Trump was spitting fire at his New Hampshire rally Thursday night when a group of protesters got too rowdy to remain.

As they were being escorted out of the rally, Trump saw another man nearby screaming and raising his fists, so he had him removed as well.

As security escorted the man out, Trump chided the man over his weight.

“That guy’s got a serious weight problem. Go home, start exercising,” Trump told the Manchester crowd. “Get him out of here, please.”

But after the rally, Trump learned he had made a mistake.

The man, Frank Dawson, is a Trump supporter and was enthusiastically voicing his opposition to the protesters when Trump mistook him for being a protester himself.

Upon learning what he had done, Trump personally called Dawson from his Air Force One flight back to New Jersey, according to a report from Reuters.

Although he was unable to reach Dawson, Trump’s message was well received.

“I think he thought I was part of [the protest] but I wasn’t. I was the good part of it,” Dawson told “Fox and Friends.”

“Everything’s good. I love the guy. He’s the best thing that ever happened to this country.”

Although reports from the left often say otherwise, this is another example of Trump apologizing for a mistake and humbly attempting to right his wrong.

Rather than playing the victim, Trump-supporting Dawson took the moment in stride and remains a loyal fan of the president. Dawson could have used the moment to give the shark-infested media what they wanted — someone to speak ill of Trump — but he didn’t stoop to their level, and instead stayed true to his principles.

That is the right way to respond to someone else’s mistake. There are members of Congress who have called media conferences over less.

Trump isn’t perfect, but if you’re listening to CNN or Vice, you would believe he is a monster. This is a good example of his humanity in the face of his own wrong-doing.

Via WesternJournal

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