WATCH: Hong Kong Protesters SWARM Streets With American Flags, Sing American National Anthem, Denounce Chinese Tyranny!

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Trump’s proud love of freedom and individualism is infectious. It’s why the enemies of freedom, the Democrats, loathe him so.

When freedom seekers go up against tyranny, it matters who is in the White House. They know that too.

Photo: Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators take to the street of Hong Kong on June 9, 2019, to protest against the extradition bill being put forward by the Hong Kong government, which the people of Hong Kong fear could be used as a political tool by the Beijing central government to arrest and transfer political activists who are against the Chinese government to the mainland.

Hong Kong’s citizens have begun waving American flags and singing the U.S. National Anthem amid ongoing protests against China’s control.

U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw posted a video of the singing citizens and said, “Hong Kong is a modern-day struggle between tyrannical rule and free democracy. Protesters stand bravely in the face of violence to combat China’s authoritarian regime. They remind us why we value our freedom in America, and should stand by their side as they fight for theirs.”

The protesters have been demonstrating in Hong Kong’s streets since June in response to a proposed extradition bill that would’ve allowed those charged with crimes to be extradited to China for prosecution.


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