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BREAKING: Multiple Police Officers Shot In Philadelphia

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There is an active shooter in Philly who has wounded multiple police officers and is firing at more as they approach the building where he has barricaded himself. According to NBC NEWS

Philadelphia police were shot at Wednesday afternoon after responding to a shooting incident in a North Philly neighborhood.

A large police presence responded to a shooting incident in a residential area of the Nicetown section of the city. One male shooter was still inside a residence in what police described as an active situation.

Officers took cover behind cars and blocked off surrounding streets as they were fired upon by the unidentified shooter.

A witness who lived close to the shooting told NBC Philadelphia that she heard a series of shots fired, what felt like 100 gunshots, and could smell what seemed to be gunpowder before police arrived to the scene. The unidentified woman told NBC Philadelphia that it felt “like a war.”

Reports also suggest that there might be hostages involved.

Our prayers are with all those first responders in Philadelphia.

Via RedState

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