UPDATE: Trump Rubs Salt All Over Cuomo’s Bruised Ego…It’s HILARIOUS!

This is absolutely the part of Trump I enjoy most:

I’m thrilled that President Trump tweeted this. It’s the fact that Trump doesn’t shy away from giving losers like Cuomo a taste of the truth that landed Trump in the office in the first place. Thank God we have a President willing to speak the truth and hold the liberal elite accountable for their stuck-up anti-American douchebaggery.

But that’s not all Trump had to say about Cuomo’s childish tantrum:

LOL! Yes, on-point exactly Mr. President!

Meanwhile, here’s a clip proving Cuomo isn’t just a man-child but also a complete hypocrite!

Notice there’s no reaction from Cuomo. It just proves that ‘Fredo’ isn’t really the Italian ‘N word’ as he claimed.

What do you think?

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