WATCH: CNN Analyst April Ryan Has Security Rough Up and VIOLENTLY Eject Journalist For Taping Her Speech

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A reporter with New Brunswick Today, an independent community news organization, was attacked by April Ryan’s security guard on Saturday evening at an event held at The Heldrich Hotel in downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Video footage captured by the outlet shows Ryan, a White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks and political analyst for CNN, starting to deliver the keynote speech at the 4th annual New Jersey Parent Summit right before the altercation occurred.

As she begins speaking, she keeps staring at New Brunswick Today reporter Charlie Kratovil’s camera in an odd manner. Soon after, her security guard approaches her, and she signals for him to do something.

Ryan then stands there staring at Kratovil’s camera for about 30 seconds, up until the moment someone snatches the camera from Kratovil. At that very moment, Ryan suddenly starts talking again.

Video surveillance footage proves that April Ryan’s security guard placed his hands on Kratovil during the event. The footage shows what happened after Kratovil’s camera was snatched from him by Ryan’s security guard: He followed the guard to the lobby, retrieved his camera from him and was then grabbed by the guard and violently dragged out of the building.


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