Dem. Jerry Nadler Wants To Delay ‘Impeaching Trump’ Until Around The Election Cycle…How Pathetic!

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Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said during an interview on Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that the House of Representatives could impeach President Donald Trump as soon as late fall of this year.

During the interview, Nadler said that Mueller’s report gave a basis for impeachment, but that the Judiciary Committee intended to hold public hearings to present further evidence in support of impeachment.

When Morning Joe contributor Mike Barnicle asked Nadler if these impeachment hearings would “bump into the election cycle,” Nadler shrugged it off.

“The calendar is whatever it is,” he responded. “We can’t let the election calendar dictate. I think that we will probably get the court decisions by the end of October, or maybe shortly thereafter. We will have hearings in September and October, with people — witnesses who are not dependent on the court proceedings — and we will do it through the fall. And, if we decided to report articles of impeachment, we could get to that in the late fall perhaps, in the later part of the year.” – READ MORE

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