This ONE SKETCHY FACT About Epstien’s ‘Suicide’ Has ‘Hit’ Written All Over It!

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Federal law enforcement sources said Saturday that Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide watch was recently lifted and he was no longer being monitored prior to his reported suicide.

Epstein was not, therefore, on any suicide watch at the time of his reported suicide.

Epstein reportedly died early this morning in federal custody.

Epstein was previously on suicide watch after a security incident two weeks ago but that level of supervision had been lifted and was no longer active, according the federal law enforcement insiders.

When was the ‘suicide watch’ lifted from Epstein’s supervision? Insiders did not provide the exact time frame but speculated it was likely last week.

A Justice Department official confirmed Epstein’s death but did not provide any details.

Speculation was rampant after Epstein’s death was reported and from all corners, these questions remain:

1. Is Epstein actually dead?
2. Did he kill himself?
3. Or was he murdered?

Jeffrey Epstein was so despised even inside his own jail, guards jeered at the pedophile financier as he lay unconscious following his initial suicide attempt, a source exclusively told

“Guards were heard laughing at him as he was sprawled out on the floor, either completely unconscious or close to it,” the source told Radar. “They were laughing and reveling in the drama. They seemed to be getting a kick out of it.”

As Radar exclusively reported, the shamed 66-year-old tried to hang himself in his jail cell on July 23.

A witness claimed he was “blue in the face” during the horrific first incident.

The source further alleged the businessman’s feet were blue, and onlookers heard “gurgling sounds.”

This story is developing.

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