WaPo Stamps ‘LIAR!’ All Over Cory Booker’s Face, Spartacus Whines Like A Child!

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Little Cory Booker is really desperate because his campaign is floundering, but he was nailed with a swift fact-check about a false claim he made during the debate.

We lost the state of Michigan because everybody from Republicans to Russians were targeting the suppression of African American voters,” the New Jersey senator said during the Democratic presidential primary debate on Thursday. Trump won Michigan by less than 1%, receiving only around 10,700 more votes than Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Post fact-checker found that while black voter turnout was down in 2016 compared to when Barack Obama was on the ballot, there was not evidence that Russian propaganda or other suppression efforts caused the lower turnout. On the fact-check rating scale, the maximum of four Pinocchios indicates that the falsehood was a “whopper.”

Now they make it clear that both of those things happened – there was Russian interference, and there were some GOP efforts to secure the vote that may have suppressed voting. But that doesn’t mean that both of those added up to Trump unfairly winning the election.

Makes sense, but Spartacus’ team is whining:

Booker’s campaign team criticized the fact-check. “Give. Me. A. Break,” said Booker campaign manager Addisu Demissie. He pointed out portions of the article that noted Russian efforts to target African American voters.

Truth is tough. Booker’s communications manager struck back with a snarky ironic response:

Because that’s what someone does when they can’t argue the facts. No wonder they suck so bad in the polls….


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