I Hope Gillibrand Has A Steel Chin, Because She Just Challenged Trump To An Insult Fight…

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Kirsten Gillibrand took advantage of the debate stage lime-light to take a swipe at President Trump:

I get that they don’t like the president, that they don’t agree with his policies and whatnot. But to suggest that he’s so disgusting and vile that she’d feel the need to Clorox the Oval Office, well that’s crossing a line.

Naturally, I want to say, ‘Surely she isn’t foolish enough to troll one of America’s wittiest and ruthless Twitter trolls we’ve yet to see…’ But it’s 2020 and she is a Democrat.

So instead I am forced to reason, ‘Let’s hope she has a steel chin or an iron constitution, she just publicly challenged Trump to a war of words…the poor fool.’

Oh well.

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