Democrats Are So Demoralized, They’re Calling On Michelle Obama To Run, ‘Because These Candidates Can’t Win!’

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Filmmaker Michael Moore is sounding an alarm over the current crop of Democrat candidates, claiming Michelle Obama is the only one who can “crush” Trump in 2020.

The odds of that happening are about on par with Moore walking past the next buffet without drooling a bit.

“The only way to remove Trump is to crush Trump,” he said in an interview with MSNBC. “And that’s the question that has to be asked, who can crush Trump? Who’s the street fighter?”

If he says a black candidate is a ‘street’ fighter, that’ll be racist, no? There’s no way he’d go there, right?

He went there.

“In fact, it is Obama – Michelle Obama,” Moore said. “Everybody watching this right now knows she is a beloved American and she would go in there and she would beat him.” – READ MORE


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