Kamala Harris Gets Mob Rioted By Snowflakes Because Her Far-Left Student Loan Plan Wasn’t Free Enough!

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So in the war on the left to give people more free crap, Kamala Harris is looking like a moderate next to commie extremists like Big Chief Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders.

I’m not in support of Harris, God no, and I’m not in support of this proposal. However, I do like that she’s trying to be more reasonable than simply handing out money to everyone.

Far-Left Snowflake Twitter, on the other hand, is not having any of that nonsense:

And the hate Tweets started flowing:

She’s completely ignoring that you can easily get a business loan if you have a college degree.

And she is citing all stats for black businesses, not those by owners with degrees. Convenient.

We can’t have standards when it comes to loan forgiveness, how dare you, Kamala?!?!? This is pure white supremacy! Worse than Trump’s tweets!!!

I can’t help but laugh. The Democrats did this to themselves. They trained their voters to not give a damn about any policy unless it directly provides them with free crap. Well here you are. Enjoy!!

Also, there’s a little secret about student loan debt no one talks about. A HUGE part of the problem is small loans with people that didn’t finish college. They owe $10k to $15k and dropped out after one or two years. The vast majority of the ones who owe above $100k usually have PhDs and they’ll be fine after a few years. Those big ticket loans just get the headlines. So why should responsible people be on the hook for those who irresponsibly took out a loan and didn’t finish college?


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