‘Can You Repeat The Question?’ Video Highlights The Mueller Train Wreck Hearing…It’s A Doozy!

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While the die-hard #NeverTrump and #Resist crowd still cling to the fantasy that there was anything new and incriminating in the Mueller report, the media has pretty much declared Wednesday’s hearings a disaster across the board. Whatever the Democrats were trying to accomplish with that charade backfired spectacularly.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in Nancy Pelosi’s office today.

It isn’t fair to make light of a person’s mental deterioration. We will all be in the same boat one day if we’re blessed enough to make it that far. However, Mueller’s apparent confusion and ill-preparedness was a blow to the case the Democrats had to make. There are some rumors that they had been warned by second-hand parties beforehand that Mueller might not be well enough to perform properly. Obviously they ignored those warnings, perhaps worried that the warnings were intended to stop Mueller from giving important testimony.

It is all history now and while it turned out that Mueller’s testimony was indeed important, it was not important in the way the Democrats needed it to be.

Who really knows why Mueller was confused and strange yesterday? The theories have been flying around – he’s in the beginning stages of senility; he’s had his life threatened by certain parties at risk and he’s nervous; he’s just old. Whatever the reason, the result was the same…a disaster.

Here is a video montage of Mueller continually asking the panel to repeat the question – not a federal offense if you’re getting older, but the amount of times he asks and the things he asks to be repeated do make it seem more like he was confused than just unable to hear. In fact, the best way to gauge how worrying his performance was becoming is not watch Mueller but rather the people behind him. They all know they have cameras watching their every expression, but at times it was clear that many people in the audience were cringing or even taken aback. That’s the real entertainment.

Via RedState

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