Rand Paul Needs An AMBULANCE After The Verbal Beat-Down He Just Received!

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As we’ve discussed in the past, Rand Paul’s biggest weakness is foreign policy. He’s solid on a good number of things, but when it comes to foreign policy he’s terrible.

There’s been news recently that he’s been trying to become Trump’s back channel go-between with Iran and when Levin caught news of it, he ripped into Paul:

FREE BEACON – The conservative radio host responded to news that Paul had pitched Trump on being a backchannel to Iran for the administration and meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif to reduce tensions. Paul had previously criticized the administration over the economic sanctions placed on Iran, saying Iranians viewed the sanctions as an act of war.

Levin said Paul was “no different than Bernie Sanders or frankly Ilhan Omar” when it comes to foreign policy, and labeled him a “Code Pink ideologue” who puts “America last.”

“I just hope he doesn’t get sucked into this, I really do,” Levin said of Trump, “because Rand Paul is the wrong guy to be running interference to be running point. He’s not dovish, he’s a Code Pink ideologue.”

“A lot these people who say America first, they don’t believe in America first,” Levin added. “They believe when it comes to foreign policy, America last.”

Levin argued the isolationist Paul is too ideological to be a leader on foreign policy.

“I don’t trust Rand Paul when it comes to foreign policy, because he’s an ideologue,” Levin said. “When it comes to foreign policy you need to have prudence. That is, you can’t have an ideology, other than you want to protect America of course.”

Rand Paul has always believed that Iran can be negotiated with, that we should be at the table with Iran. As Obama proved so well, it’s just not true and can be disastrous in the long run.

Paul responded to Levin by posting this article on his twitter feed:

Libertarians love to throw around the term ‘neocon’ when it comes to people like John Bolton or Mark Levin, and that’s essentially what he’s doing here, calling Levin a warmonger.

Levin responded, destroying Rand Paul by exposing his tactic of linking to his former staffer, a neo-confederate:

I really hope Trump doesn’t heed Paul’s advice. He’s got a far superior mind man when it comes to foreign policy and Iran, and his name is John Bolton. Yeah, I’m a huge fan.


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