Elizabeth Warren PATHETICALLY Bows, Shows She’s ‘Hip With The Trans Thang’

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Good news! Big Chief Liz Warren has certified that she does indeed identify as a woman, according to the gender pronouns she posted on her twitter account.

Clearly, this is just another goofy stunt to show that she’s down with the trans cause. By posting her pronoun preferences, she’s saying that it’s perfectly normal for other to identify as genders they weren’t born into. But we know that’s irrational, against nature, against science, and against God.

Yes, that’s how bad her pronouns are in her Twitter account.

And it shows just how far left the Democrats are turning, even as the media pretends that it’s Republicans turning hard right. These are standards that the vast majority of the Democrats themselves would have agreed to just 20 years ago, but now the LGBTQ mob is running rampant in American society.


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