Meet The Republican Businesswoman Who Will REPLACE AOC And Give New York A Chance At Redemption!

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Here name is Scherie Murray and she’s a Republican businesswoman who is originally from Jamaica. And she’s running against AOC for Congress:

I like her campaign ad and how she’s characterizing AOC as being about self-promotion over service, conflict over constituency, and resistance over assistance. That’s AOC in a nutshell and I think a solid strategy for winning. I say that knowing full well that Scherie is a Republican in a very liberal district.

Here’s Murry’s bio from her campaign website:

Scherie Murray was born in Jamaica, West Indies, and came to New York City with her family when she was nine. Growing up in Southeast Queens, Scherie learned early on about the importance of hard work, the value of a good education and the strength of a united community.

Scherie went to I.S. 192 where she was a gymnast. She then graduated with an outstanding community service award from the Law, Government and Community Service Magnet High School (formerly Andrew Jackson H.S.) and became the captain of her high school’s gymnastics team.

When she was 17, Scherie worked as a systems analyst for the NYC MTA Jamaica Bus Depot. While earning her Associate of Applied Science in Micro Computer Business Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism, Scherie taught gymnastics for an after-school program in Far Rockaway, Queens. She also volunteered and served as senior editor on her college newspaper – The New Tech Times.

In 2004, Scherie had a vision of starting her own company. With a mission to address the lack of minorities in media, Scherie created The Esemel Group. Through advertising, production and programming work, Esemel generated employment opportunities for minorities in New York City.

Scherie is also a proud Veterans advocate and continually works to revitalize her district by advocating for small businesses and economic development, promoting more school choices for parents, strengthening community police relations with commonsense solutions, and starting a larger dialogue around comprehensive immigration reform.

Now I don’t know where Scherie stands on the issues but don’t be surprised if she has to be more liberal on some issues in order to win up there. But I will say one thing. If she does end up beating AOC next year, she’ll be a star in the Republican Party.


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