Former ICE Director Puts AOC ON ICE, Won’t Allow Her LIES About Border Family Separations

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Former ICE guy Thomas Homan had ice in his veins when he stared down AOC and shot down her liberal narrative on family separations.

Watch the video:

Now, that is a pretty good debate on the issue. It basically lays out both sides pretty well. What it comes down to is that people on the right are calling all these migrants illegal, but that depends on whether they have real or manufactured asylum claims. Undoubtedly, some have fake claims, and some have real claims. But our resources are being overwhelmed with how to deal with all the people showing up at the border.

But, AOC has already said she wants to shut down ICE, and liberals are freaking out over ICE raids on just a few thousand illegal aliens. As I have said endlessly, if we can’t deport a couple of million illegal aliens, then there’s no way in hell we’ll ever get to deport the 11 to 22 million illegals here. And that means we basically already have open borders…


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