SHOCKING VIDEO: Teens ‘Flash Mob’ Walgreens, Attack Employees, And Steal THOUSANDS In Merchandise!

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CCTV footage shows a group of youths in Philadelphia looting a Walgreens store, the New York Post reported.

The store incurred thousands of dollars’ worth of damage on July 5, when young people poured in through the front doors and began looting the aisles.

The video footage, released by Philadelphia Police, explains the circumstances of the video at the beginning.

“On July 4, 2019 at approximately 10:00 PM, a large group of approximately sixty (60) males and females stormed the Walgreens store located at 1800 South Street,” it read.

It explains how the youths, once inside the store, start knocking goods off of the shelves and stealing merchandise.

Footage initially shows a line of children walking into the store, pushing and shoving each other as they go.

Some young people were holding drinks and recording what was unfolding on their cell phones.

Just seconds later, young people start pouring back out of the store holding boxes of merchandise.

Investigators could not be sure of the age of those seen in the video, but they have been described as looking “like teens”.

Philadelphia Police also said that some of those involved even “threw merchandise at store employees, resulting in injuries.”

A cashier sustained an injury to the head when he was hit by a glass bottle as he tried to stop the teenagers, according to WPVI.

Philadelphia Police Captain Sekou Kinebrew revealed in an interview that the store incurred between $6,000 and $7,000 of damage during the incident.

“Yesterday was a day of celebration, so large crowds and people moving around and having fun, that was certainly to be expected, but this type of act is not something that we expect and not something that we would tolerate,” Kinebrew said.

A witness told WPVI that, as he stood on his balcony, he saw teenagers beating a manfor no apparent reason.

“He was bloody, he was being punched and kicked, and I’m standing right over him in my balcony watching him being kicked, and I’m yelling to the police,” he said.

The witness also said the crowds were “too much” for the police to handle and they “could not stop what was going on.”

As police tried to move the crowd, some teenagers rushed into a 7-Eleven store, while others entered the Walgreens and began looting.

The cashier who sustained injuries has been released from the hospital, after being treated for bruises and cuts on his head.

The Philadelphia Police Department is calling on anybody with information about the incident to contact them.

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