BET Founder STUNS Everyone After PRAISING Trump And Tossing Democrats In The Trash!

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The Democratic Party has left middle America behind, and with it, Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson.

Johnson talked about his frustration with Democrats during an interview with CNBCpublished Tuesday.

“The party in my opinion, for me personally, has moved too far to the left,” Johnson said.

“And for that reason, I don’t have a particular candidate in the party at this time,” he said, referring to the scrum of more than 20 candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.

Johnson said that defeating President Donald Trump will not be accomplished by mobilizing the extreme left at the cost of losing the center.

“I think at the end of the day, if a Democrat is going to beat Trump, then that person, he or she, will going to have to move to the center and you can’t wait too long to do that,” he said.

“The message of some of the programs that Democrats are pushing are not resonating with the majority of the American people.”


The long-time Democrat rejected knee-jerk condemnations of Trump, and said that he gave “the president a lot of credit for moving the economy in a positive direction that’s benefiting a large amount of Americans.”

“I think the economy is doing great, and it’s reaching populations that heretofore had very bad problems in terms of jobs and employments and the opportunities that come with employment … so African-American unemployment is at its lowest level, ” Johnson said.

He added, “I think the tax cuts clearly helped stimulate the economy. I think business people have more confidence in the way the economy is going.”

Although Johnson was not a fan of Trump’s tough trade policy with China, he said that “overall, if you look at the U.S. economy … you got to give the president an A+ for that.”

Johnson, a supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2016, said that politics in America has become part of America’s problem.

There is “really no give or take in terms of trying to come to an understanding of how best to run the country,” he said, referring to the widening gulf between Trump and Congressional Democrats.

“If business people are concerned about anything, it’s the clear, clear partisan politics that’s become very wicked and very mean. And that’s not helping the American people, and it’s not helping America as a global nation,” he said.

Johnson said that Trump might need to “step back a little bit from some of his showmanship” to get better results.

“A lot of people are not going to like that style, but when he says he’s going to try to do something economically, you have to give him credit for taking some specific steps to do that,” he said.

In the end, he said, a president is judged on what is accomplished.

“At the end of the day, the American people are looking for someone who can deliver economically and deliver on opportunities,” he said.

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