Trump Gives Fox News Some STERN CRITICISM…And They Better Listen Up Before They Look Like CNN!

Trump was not happy with Fox News this past weekend and made it known last night in a series of tweets complaining about their weekend anchors:

While I don’t watch Fox News like I used to, I honestly think what Trump is seeing here has more to do with the post-Ailes management of Fox News than anything else. They’ve been going down hill since he was forced out years ago for sexual harassment and the Murdoch family took it over directly.

Trump continued later last night:

I feel like we just stepped back in time, as Brazile has been with Fox News since March of this year.

In any event, Trump clearly believes Fox News is abandoning the conservative niche that got them here in the first place – at least on the weekends. But we all know he’s still a big fan of Fox News prime time with Tucker and Hannity, so I doubt he’ll stop watching.


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