Beto’s Replacement Is Sending Her Staffers To Mexico, Teaching Immigrants How To EVADE Border Agents!

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Rep. Veronica Escobar, who has Beto O’Rourke’s old seat, is playing the Democrats’ current game of one-upmanship at the border. You see, last week, Beto went across the border to try to drum up illegal votes for himself (things aren’t going to greeat for him in the primary race, like most of his races).

Then Sen. Cory Booker took things up a notch and instead of just trying to bring votes back, human trafficked a family across the border.

But the real top contender is Rep. Escobar, who is sending her staff across the border rather than going herself, and having them teach people how to sneak in.

Washington Examiner reports:

A Democratic congresswoman is sending staff to Mexico’s northern border town of Ciudad Juárez to find migrants returned from El Paso, Texas, under the “remain in Mexico” policy, then coaching them to pretend they cannot speak Spanish to exploit a loophole letting them to return to the U.S.

CBP agents and people from the National Border Patrol council poke to the Examiner about it.

“What we believe is happening is Veronica Escobar’s office is going … to basically second-guess and obstruct work already done by the Border Patrol,” said one senior union official, who shared evidence with the Washington Examiner from concerned CBP managers and rank-and-file members. Those documents have been held to protect identities.

That sounds bad to me. Does that sound bad to you? Keep reading.

Escobar’s team has sought interviews with 6,000 people who were returned last month, according to one CBP official. The union learned from an intelligence unit within CBP that those doing the interviews are wearing recording devices during the interviews to tape conversations and possibly listen back later.

“They went through and interviewed everybody, cherry-picked them, brought them back, and now are using them as tag lines. They’re going over there and manufacturing a lot of these issues,” said the union official.

One Homeland Security official nailed it.

A Department of Homeland Security official aware of the situation said Democrats, nonprofit organizations, and 2020 hopefuls “are furious that these migrants” are not permitted to “await their court dates in the U.S., where they have the opportunity to disappear and slip into the interior never to be seen again.”

“By opposing a system that assists migrants and speeds wait times, these individuals are exposing a cause that looks more like a cover story for their political motivations. Any efforts to subvert and obstruct federal law enforcement operations should receive a full review,” the Homeland Security official said in a text.

There’s a lot more at Washington Examiner, here.

For an encore, I’m guessing we’ll next see AOC or maybe Pete Buttigieg down in Mexico leading a caravan or maybe even driving one of those coyote trucks. With Democrats personally escorting and teaching migrants how to evade American law now, can you imagine what they’ll be doing if they WIN next year?

To tell ya the truth, there’s nobody I want less in Texas. And I ain’t talking about the migrants, y’all.


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