WATCH: Marine Selflessly Leaps Into Danger To Save Burning Flag From Deranged Liberals!

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A Marine veteran snatched a burning American flag from protesters Thursday just before President Donald Trump’s “Salute to America” on the National Mall.


As the flag erupted in flames, a man wearing a sleeveless “Make America Great Again” shirt and a MARPAT (Marine pattern) bucket hat charged the group and grabbed the burning flag with his bare hands. He whipped it away from the protesters and attempted to put out the fire.

He continued to yell back at the protesters while holding onto the scorched flag.

Someone asked the man if he was a veteran, and he pointed to the USMC tattoo on his shoulder, responding simply, “Yes! Semper fi.”

The group of protesters, all wearing Revolutionary Communist Party shirts that read “BA Speaks: Revolution, Nothing Less,” linked arms and began chanting, “America was never great.”

Following the flag-burning, several skirmishes broke out between protesters and Trump supporters, resulting in two arrests. A statement from the U.S. Secret Service indicated that two agents were injured while making those arrests.

Via DailyCaller

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